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Why Photographic Connections?

Photographic Connections supports you to create connection to self, nature and others through the art of photography. We bring together those looking to create a deeper connection with the world around them and inspire them to channel their creativity through the camera. We facilitate this through monthly photography themes, weekly community Zoom catch-ups and monthly webinars. Self expression and exploration is encouraged as we focus more on the experience of photography and the wellbeing benefits it brings.

The Benefits You'll Feel

Our members community is pretty special! We focus on supporting you to develop more meaning through photography, while discovering yourself and connecting with others in the process. 

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Photographic Connections:

  • Find your personal voice as a photographer and develop your unique artistic style.
  • Forge deeper connections with like-minded creatives while participating monthly photography themes and weekly Zoom catch-ups.
  • Elevate your self-expression, exploration, and overall mental wellness through photography and community support.

When You Join Photographic Connections

When you join Photographic Connections, you’ll get access to:

  • Our Monthly Photography themes: Our community holds a fresh and diverse photography theme every month. The theme encourages you to create unique views of the world which facilitates deep personal connections to your own creativity and broadens your view of the world. It unwraps the possibilities of seeing things from a new perspective and gains you well-being benefits.
  • Attend our weekly Zoom Catch-ups: These are virtual meetings for community members to share their recent photography experiences, discuss the monthly themes and forge new friendships. These interactions bring a sense of camaraderie, build a feeling of community and support, and enriches learning from each through our personal photography journey's.
  • Participate in Monthly Webinars: Our monthly webinars are hosted by Photographic Connections founder - Kim Grant. She share ideas and inspiration linked to the monthly photography theme, offering you ideas and exercises to try for yourself. The webinars aim to inspire and empower you to create stunning photographic representations, while staying true to yourself in the process.